Starters / Light meals
80g Caprese – mozzarella, tomatoes, basil pesto, toast 65,-
80g Beef carpaccio accompanied with rucola, shaved Parmesan and basil pesto 159,-
100g Sautéed prawns in herbs with green vegetable salad, grilled toast 119,-
1pc. Baguette with ham and cheese 79,-
1pc. Club sandwich ‘Classic’ 149,-

Chicken broth with pieces of chicken, light vegetables and homemade noodles 39,-
‘Kulajda’ – dill soup with wild boletus and poached egg 49,-
Tomato soup ‘Classic’ 49,-

Czech Cuisine
250g Duck confit with red cabbage, cranberries and gingerbread, potato dumplings 189,-
250g Roast leg of rabbit, creamed spinach and potato dumplings 189,-
150g ‘Svíčková’ – Roast sirloin in a vegetable cream sauce with bread dumplings 149,-
150g Pork goulash with mushrooms and ‘Karlovy Vary’ dumplings 149,-
400g Roasted pork ribs with garlic and rosemary, served with bread 239,-
300g Peasant’s platter (roast neck of pork, smoked pork, duck), white and red cabbage, a variety of dumplings 249,-

Main courses
150g Chicken schnitzel with butter potatoes and a light salad garni 149,-
150g Chicken steak with grilled fresh vegetables and roast potatoes 149,-
200g Grilled pork steak, steak fries, devil’s sauce 149,-
200g Pork tenderloin in a herb crust, rough mashed potatoes 229,-
200g Sirloin steak, served with wild boletus sauce and roast potatoes with thyme and Maldon salt 329,-

200g Fillet of cod baked with lemons, served with vegetable ratatouille and garlic baguette 219,-
200g Baked trout with herb butter, parsley potatoes 199,-
200g Spaghetti Aglio-Olio e peperoncino 139,-
(spaghetti, chilli pepper, garlic, leaf parsley, olive oil, Parmesan cheese)
200g Spaghetti with grilled prawns, garlic and Parmesan cheese 189,-
200g Spaghetti Bolognese 149,-
200g Tagliatelle with chicken, bacon, cream and cherry tomatoes 169,-
200g Saffron risotto with beetroot leaves and grilled prawns / grilled
chicken breast 199,-/189,-

Caesar salad with Parmesan shavings and croutons / with chicken / with prawns
(anchovy and Dijon mustard dressing) 109,-/159,-/169,-
Fresh vegetable salad with Feta cheese, black olives and rucola 129,-
Garden salad with Parma ham and cherry tomatoes 149,-
Tuna salad with black olives, boiled egg and red onions 159,-
Vegetable salad with chicken, dressing 139,-

Pancakes with fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream 90,-
Pancakes with curd and raisins 90,-
Homemade griddle cakes with plum jam and sour cream 90,-
Homemade griddle cakes with blueberry sauce, cinnamon sugar and whipped cream 95,-
Cakes, pies, tarts: see the daily offer

Ice cream sundaes
Selection of ice cream with whipped cream 79,-
Ice cream sundae with fresh fruit and whipped cream 89,-
Hazelnut sundae with chocolate chips and whipped cream 89,-
Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries and whipped cream 89,-

Scrambled eggs (3pcs) with ham, onion and parsley, bread and butter 65,-
Scrambled eggs (3pcs) with bacon, onion and parsley, bread and butter 69,-
Poached eggs in a glass (3pcs), bread and butter 65,-
Ham and eggs, gherkin, bread and butter 75,-
Frankfurter 2pcs, mustard, bread 69,-
Cold platter (Edam, Brie, ham, cold bacon, bread and butter, cherry tomatoes) 139,-

French Breakfast 199,-
(poached egg in a glass, sausages 2pcs, French cheese – ‘Brie’, bread, croissant, cherry
tomatoes. Butter, jam, Nutella, strawberries, fresh juice 0.1l, sparkling wine 0.1l)

English Breakfast 179,-
(bacon, beans, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, ‘klobasa’ – Czech sausage, fried egg,
bread and butter, orange jucie 0.1l)

Fitness Breakfast 149,-
(muesli, milk, yoghurt, fresh fruit, jam, croissant, butter, rye bread)

American Breakfast 209,-
(bacon, 2 eggs, ‘klobasa’ – Czech sausage, tomatoes, ‘pancakes’ (griddle cakes 2pcs)
blueberry sauce, strawberries, bread and butter, fresh juice 0.1l)

Breakfast is served until 11.00 Am